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Teaching English to Children?

invites you to train with us.

Become a better teacher in 2 days ...

You don't need a degree to learn how.
You don't need experience to know how.
Join this course and IETC will teach you how.

This 2-day intensive certificate course will
... help you understand how children learn.
... show you the skills and techniques you will need for teaching children.
... teach you how to manage your class effectively.

PLUS, if you are applying for a teaching job this course will
... teach you how to write your resume.
... advise you on what to do for your demo lesson.

A basic and general introduction to teaching English to children. This is NOT A LECTURE COURSE. It is an intensive hands-on, interactive program filled with practical sessions. Methodology is supported by theory, but the emphasis is on how to apply this theory in the classroom. Sessions are enthusiastic, dynamic, energetic, and filled with humor!

Make learning FUN! As teachers how do we better teach our students so that they; think for themselves, fly through their exams, have confidence speaking their second language, as well as being able to read and write in it?

In this course you will find out ...
How much fun your classes can be.

How to multiply the talking time of your class.
How to give your students a real chance at          speaking the language while engaging them in the class at the same time.
How to create a positive learning experiences.
How to be an even more effective teacher by using ideas for teaching English.

Now for parents to pay out and for children to exchange their play time for English lessons voluntarily, you have got to be making your classes fun so that the children want to come and deliver results so that parents keep paying.

Here are some of the problems many teachers have:
Some of your children may not enjoy being in class.
You may find it hard to have all your children pay attention.

Some of your class may not be motivated to learn.Your student may not get much chance to practice speaking English during class.
You may feel some of your students getting restless during class time and losing their focus.

Games make learning fun so your students are willing participants and not just there because they have to be. With games students pay more attention because they are enjoying themselves, so they do better, they feel better about themselves, and do even better-- it is a vicious circle working in your favor.

Students get to use the language all the time during games. They involve a lot of repetition, and repetition is the mother of skill, it can be boring with drilling, but with games it is fun. Games stimulate and motivate children to new levels.

Teaching is a wonderful profession, and one thing we all know for sure is that we never forget our teachers, and we vividly remember the few incredible teachers we had who challenged us and make us think, rather than spoon fed us. And with that in mind, don't you want them to remember you as one of the best?


Workshop 1
How do children learn?
Children are natural learners, they are curious, interested, and enthusiastic about learning new things. The best way to teach children is to build on play and their natural learning styles. In this workshop participants will be able to understand  how children learn and what is best for children.

The use of GAMES in children's English class
Why teaching English to children through games works better than more traditional      teaching methods? In this workshop you will learn how to make your classes serious fun. How to ensure children get to talk 80% of the lesson time by teaching vocabulary and grammar through language games. Lots of classroom-tested games will be offered that you can use right away with minimal preparation time.

Effective use of MUSIC and MOVEMENTS in the classroom
Music can be a powerful teaching tool in your classroom. This workshop will provide you with simple songs, finger plays, creative movements, and ideas that will give your children the opportunity to explore and enjoy English in a non-threatening way. Learn also how to recycle and reinvent songs to suit your needs.

Effective Drilling: How it is done?
As language teachers we all know that drilling is supposed to be a common feature of our lessons. But is it? Teachers can sometimes feel uncomfortable or silly drilling their students, so they shy away from doing it or are satisfied with occasional "repeat after me!" This workshop aimed to provide information and practice for drilling in an effort to show that it is varied, useful, and student-friendly activity.

Workshop 2

The Whole Language Approach: Empowering children to READ
What different methods can be used to teach children to read? Nothing receives more emphasis in our education system than reading. And no wonder why, for reading is the tool through which other information is learned. This workshop introduces you to different approaches to reading instruction such as Phonics, Sight words, and Language experience , as well as materials and activities that can be use to develop reading skills.

Classroom Management and Guidance
Rules, constructive communication, positive reinforcement, gentle guidance, schedules, routines, and transitions are key aspect of classroom management. When you developed and follow a sound guidelines children will behave appropriately and the classroom will be peaceful and positive place. This workshop offers you practical suggestions for establishing classroom rules, developing schedules, communicating with your class, and eliminating disruptive discipline problems.

Professionalism in the classroom
What professional behavior are necessary for teachers of children? Take a look at yourself. Are you the kind of teacher you would enjoy working with? Do you model the kind of behavior you wish your children would have? This workshop offers you some skills and attitudes that are important for everyone who works with children. Tips and suggestions for handling stressful situations working with colleagues and parents will be discussed.


Your trainer, Marco Brazil, is a well experienced teacher for children and teacher trainer who has been writing, presenting, and developing teaching materials for over 15 years. He has two bachelor's degree in Development Communication (DevCom) and Child Psychology. He is also a regular and popular teaching workshop presenter of OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. Marco runs his own school -- SMARTKIDS CIRCLE. He is the director and founder of MABUHAY CLASSROOM and (IETC) INSTITUTE OF ENGLISH TEACHING TO CHILDREN. This course reflects his own 15-years experience in teaching English to children here in Japan. Marco is an associate at the INTERNATIONAL TEACHER DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (iTDi) an on-line course for teachers.

Second Session
Date:        September 18-19, 2011
Time:        9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue:      3F Conference Hall, Tsukuba Capio

Limited to 25 participants only.
Inquire Now for your seat.

Third Session
Date:         September 23-24, 2011
Time:         9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue:       Kawasaki City

Fourth Session
Date:        November 13 (Sunday)
                 November 23 (Wednesday, holiday)
Time:        9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue:     Tsukuba Information Center,
                 Tsukuba City

Fifth Session
Date:       January 8 (Sunday)
                January 9 (Monday, holiday)
Time:      9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venue:    Room 5, 3rd Floor, Ashikaga Shimin Plaza
                Ashikaga City, Tochigi-ken

Seventh Session

Date:        February 5 (Sunday) Workshop 1
                 February 19 (Sunday) Workshop 2
Time:       9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue:     3rd Floor Conference Room, Capio Hall
                 Tsukuba City

Eighth Session

Date:        March 18 (Sunday) Workshop 1
                 March 20 (Tuesday) Workshop 2
Time:       9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue:     3rd Floor Conference Room, Capio Hall
                 Tsukuba City


Lila G. Lumcang-Estolas

I learned a lot in this 2-day course, happy and proud to be a graduate of Institute of English Teaching to Children (IETC). At first, I thought teaching English to children of different nationalities will be hard and difficult undertaking, but when I attended this course, I was enlightened. Your smart teaching techniques and no nonsense strategies on classroom management inspired me to start a small group of children to teach. Thank you IETC and more power.

Melody Mia Furukawa
Ryugasaki City
This 2-day course widened my knowledge not only on how to teach children, but specially how to effectively manage your classroom. How to motivate young learners so that they will listen to you through the use of games, learning after all is not about piling through pages of textbooks. Attending this course is really a first step in the right direction and I'm glad I did. 

Marites Antonio-Sotto
Kawasaki City

I just love the games, and my students love it more! The teaching strategies I've learned from this 2-day course gives me the confidence to step into the classroom ever prepared, even with some of my "devilish", and notoriously rowdy students -- It really works! Thank you Marco for showing me the way.

Chery Lyn Pangilinan
Yokohama City

Kudos to Mr. Marco Brazil for bringing us all to a higher level of learning. Thank you for the beautiful experience of sharing your knowledge to us. My mind is so inspired to take a giant leap and start teaching not only in elementary schools but also in my own community too. Mabuhay!

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  1. Many new insights from your site and now I read your article about Teaching english to children. Thanks for the information and friendship greetings from Indonesia.

  2. Alonia Takeguchi

    1. Hi! Thank you for your interest. Actually, we are holding Workshop 2 on February 19th (Sunday) in Tsukuba City, and there are two more slots available. Would you like us to reserve a slot for you?

  3. Hi, Marco!

    Do you have a schedule for this 2-day workshop for the 2012 year? If I have time, maybe I can go to Tsukuba. Also, what dates will you do this workshop in the Fall in Niigata?

    Tina Koyama

  4. Tina dear,

    Hope this is not too late for a response. Anyway, I am so excited knowing you are interested about this course. I will try to book the conference (yes, the bigger one)in Niigata University Satellite Campus for the Fall workshop , on April 1st -- after the first session of my 2-Day course. I will buzz you up, that's for sure.

    But first, don't think about it. Enjoy you vacation, coz you deserve it!


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  6. Hi MArco

    Do you have a schedule for this 2-day workshop for the 2014 ? I'm willing to attend any of your workshop .. I'm staying here in tochigi & I can go to Tsukuba for 2hrs. driving if possible ...
    what dates will you do this workshop in summer ??? if possible please let me inform any of
    your workshop schedule ....
    my contact number is 08084791718

    respectfully yours
    Michelle MEking

  7. Hi MArco

    Do you have a schedule for this 2-day workshop for the 2014 ? I'm willing to attend any of your workshop .. I'm staying here in tochigi & I can go to Tsukuba for 2hrs. driving if possible ...
    what dates will you do this workshop in summer ??? if possible please let me inform any of
    your workshop schedule ....
    my contact number is 08084791718

    respectfully yours
    Michelle MEking